Calvin Klein underwear on my big day!

My new set of underwear has not yet seen the daylight. I keep it in my closet for the big day to come. I´m sure it will be a part of a memorable day. Maybe I will wear it the day I become a college student and get my hat. I have no doubt that the underwear dress will fit perfectly with the beautiful black dress I also want to wear on my big day. Inside my new hipsters from Calvin Klein.

It´s clear to me how I will look on the big day and I think it´s gonna be a beautiful sight. My Dad does not agree with me how I should dress to the big event. He says I should dress older, but it’s not that actually. It’s not me and it’s not the dress. It’s a stupid and ridiculous excuse and that´s the truth and I will wear the dress. End of discussion.

I have repeatedly considered whether I should wear my dress on the weekend celebration, or take it out when I´m eating dinner with my friends, but no. It deserves the respect only to be worn and put to use on the big day in the evening. Then, I will also say that when I first got the dress on it took me a little while because it was a little tight and it was quite a struggle to get on and off me again, which probably is a good reason not to wear it before the big day in late June.

All I can say is that, I will wear what ever I choose, and if I hear more argument from my Dad I will wear my Calvin Klein set only with a scarf from Munthe plus Simonsen. Then! Maybe he will learn to keep his mouth shut 😉

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