Pandora landed, in the third quarter of 2013, a profit of DKK 612 million after taxes. Analysts had expected a 567 million kronor , according to an estimate compiled by SME Direkt for Ritzau Finance . Lowest bid was EUR 560 million and higher , at 602 million.

The figure was one of the few that were just a little excitement about because Pandora two weeks before the financial statements revealed the quarter, revenue, costs, gross margin and operating margin (EBITDA ) for an upgrade .

Here told the company among other things, that revenue in the third quarter was 2.255 billion crowns, gross margin 66.2 percent and operating margin 33.8 percent.

In both revenue and profit margin and bottom line , there was an increase compared to the same quarter last year, when Pandora still feeling some of the effects of the stock exchange program that let dealers prey poorly selling items for a new collection . In the third quarter of 2012 had revenue of 1.794 billion kroner, while profit was 380 million.

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